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There are no words.

I can understand David Jason, really national treasure and all that. But even if it was just between Waterloo Road and Shameless Waterloo Road should've lost never mind adding Dr Who and Sherlock into the mix. For shame online voters we odviously failed.

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Happy Birthday Ginbitch

Because it is, hope it was a good one hun :D

But yea I know I'm the worst journal keeper in the world, what can I say its january. My get up and go has got up and left

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Merry Christmas

Just because I'm saying it to everybody, its making me laugh prob because I'm over caffinated (coffee addicts shouldnt touch expressos with brandy cream, ever). But yes may your New Year be deeply deeply good. The only thing I'ed really like to improve on from last year is a little more money, not masses but an extra £100 a month would make my life soooo much easier re trips and new shiney toys. Oh well to celebrate a brand spanking new year heres a Watson Scribble to go with the Sherlock scribble. A bit more tonal this time, although I still think that slightly stark look worked for Sherlock I dont really think it would really suit John.
And yes I havent forgot I still owe someone an RDJ scribble.

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Dearest Flist...

.... May your Chrimbo be truely epic, stress free and may you find your hearts desire under your tree.
Although I note Santa has neglected to deliver Sherlock clad only in that coat to me :( he was wearin the purple shirt to ;)

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Coat news

Going to make this short because it hurts to admit.
You know that coat I've been working on for months, yea that coat. Well I managed to irrevocably stuff it up last night and I do not have enough materal spare to start again. Got about 5 meters of soft wool ofcuts and some very 221 B wallpaper looking linning material left over now though. Think I may make a big Sherlocky patchwork blanket lol.

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If you have an ipad.....

...... do not update it for it will eat all of your apps including your cool MiTube app that got taken down after a day and has a metric ton of fangirly goodness on it, also all your pics including the hawt ones and your art will be gone. I cant even look at the damn thing right now, havent slept, so fed up and heatbroken I'm thinking of selling it and giving up this online thing.
Bloody loved how I had it set up :C
So if I am unseen for a bit you know why.


A bit of a scribble

Got a new art app a while back and have been struggling to get to grips with it ever since so last night when it got to cold to work on my other little projects I did this to try and get the hang of it.

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Didnt put features on there because I fail massively at them but I could still tinker with it. Hope I got the cut thing right if not then many soz's for the fail. Comments are deeply apresiated.
Had a little faintly timid go at adding a few features last night, didnt put anything to strong on there because I really think the eyes should be the focus on this one

So you can decide which you prefer :)

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App test and angelic manips

Okay lets see how good this app is shall we?
Here are a few silly angel wings manips, started off with the Benedict/Sherlock one (well it is a very Sherlocky shot) couldnt see him with the standard arc angel wings so I went for a very rennisance ish angel wing look. The other 2 just seemed to fit their wings.

Mussed up his hair a little to XD

Think this might be the best one. I know I know I'm missing John but I need to find tbe right pic and wings. I'm faaaar to chicken (and ignorant LJ wise) to post these to a comm lol

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I really really really need to get on with The Coat. Havent even finished traceing the pattern so I can alter it (needs lengthened, cuffs put on, pockets moved, the swishy bits put in the back, the colar changed and the front made double breasted) sounds like loads but its mostly little jobs and if I do it right I've got a femme version of The awesome coat of pure nomness. The prob is there are waaay to many distractions lol damn you LJ and the plot bunnies in my head argghhhhhh.
The other thing is beloved is asking if there are Morse and Lewis watchalongs, ideiot that I am I told him he'd have to be a LJ member to join in stuff like that. WHY DID I TELL HIM TO JOIN LJ ! He prob wont but bloody hell.
Now, just have to figure out this cut thing so I can post the first bit of this fic.


I have just had the best 24 hours I have had in months. A bit of traveling to Glasgow which is a great place to be, fantastic dinner in fantastic company and John Barrowman (nuff said). Okay I had to get up bloody early this morning but that just meant I snagged a fresh Metro and Starbucks was nearly empty, confy window seat and quick service ahoy! Plus I actually had enough cash to treat myself to a grande ( not a tall shock horror ) and a cinnamon swirly thing so could spend the two hours untill I got my bus positivly luxuriating in Starbucks decadence. That might not sound like the hugest of things but to a very skint little bird stuck in Dundee thats a pretty awesome day.